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Occupationally directed skills development for green public procurement

The Green Skills Project responds to the need for more proactive, concerted and coordinated efforts to analyse, plan for and develop green skills for South Africa, with a focus on the post-schooling system. The South African government spends over R500 billion on goods, services and construction annually (National Treasury, 2015). This represents a significant opportunity for the State to assume a more strategic and developmental role. In particular, ‘greening supply chain management (SCM) of public entities by motivating and capacitating employees across government to preferentially source locally manufactured goods that are less harmful to people and the environment, has the potential to meet a wide range of international and national priorities. These include commitments to economic growth, social development and environmental sustainability. A study was commissioned by PSETA and implemented by the Green Skills Project ( The Green Skills Project is a project of the Environmental Sector Skills Planning Forum chaired by the Department of Environmental Affairs. For further information contact Shivanthini Nagalingam at and Andrica Letsoalo-Fuze at at PSETA or Prof Eureta Rosenberg at and Mike Ward at  at Rhodes University.

Green Skills Research Report

Sector Skills Plan

Skills planning in the Public Services sector provides the strategic direction needed to guide the development of the human capital the state needs to deliver on its service delivery priorities. The National Development Plan (NDP) provides an evidence-based analysis of the priority focus areas in this regard. This Sector Skills Plan maps out the specific agreed priorities, as well as the areas of uncertainty and the partnerships and processes through which PSETA will further define and take forward this agenda.

PSETA-Sector Skills Plan 2017-2018



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